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July 31, 2009

Feeling Sad and Depressed

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So far this year has been the crappiest year ever. My beloved grandmother passed away last November (a few weeks before Thanksgiving). Then came January and my ex-boyfriend passed away. For some reason this hit me a lot harder than I expected. He was only 26 years old, granted he had been battling End-Stage Renal Failure for most of his life, but it still was quite a shock.

I have not felt the same anymore. I am torn between my brain tells me that I need to do and what my heart says I should do. I seem to be less optimistic about things as I used to be. I seem to get upset and agitated at every little thing. Am I just getting worn out and tired of the same ol same old routine? Am I taking on too many task at once? Is work and school too much for me handle?

Maybe I just need to listen more to my heart and less with my brain. So how would one go about making that switch??


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