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May 30, 2017

To Marry or not to Marry…

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One question you should never ask yourself after 6 months to a year of dating is “If they were to ask me to marry them what would I say?” After say 6 months to a year you should know if you want to spend the rest of your live with that person or not. From my experience; if you aren’t sure the answer is “NO”.

It is difficult when you love someone but you know you do not want to marry them. I have and do struggle with this a lot. I am getting to the point to finally just walk away.

I hope to keep them as my friend but you never know how they will react to your insight that you are no longer in love with them or that you don’t see yourself marrying them. I can’t imagine it going over well, but I have been able to stay friends with those that I have dated in the past so who knows.

I am not a horrible person because I don’t want to marry you. I am not a horrible person because I want to find that one person I am meant to be with and marry them. I thought that was you, but I know now that is not you.

I am not a horrible person… Being true to myself is not being mean or horrible.


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