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August 20, 2011

Trust and Perceptions

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No matter what you think you know about yourself, pay attention to what you display to the world and how it can be perceived. It could mean the difference to getting what you want and losing what you have.

I know that I can perceive people one way  based on how I feel about them and that the world perceives them differently based on how they display themselves to the world. The strange part to me is that most of the time I would still take my delusional skewed view of people over the world view.  It does make it more difficult for me to see people the way they display themselves to the world. I am not sure why I feel that I have to explain to others, the way I see certain people but I always do. Maybe it’s because I want them to see them in the same light or maybe it is so that I don’t feel like such a loser due to my perception.

I can’t say that I haven’t been guilty of saying one thing and doing something different a time or two, because I have been.  I just choose not to do it continually.


I realized last night that based on my life experiences so far, I no longer trust what people tell me. My experience has been that people say one thing and do the opposite. When words and actions don’t coincide, trust gets broken. Maybe it’s just me…

I am tired of being told one thing and then having that persons actions not follow the same path. Maybe my issue is that I looking at the finished product of the actions and not all the little actions along the way. Or maybe it’s that I am not privy to all the steps or actions along the way, so my perception is skewed by lack of knowledge.

*SIGH* I feel like I am chasing my proverbial tail around and around in circles. How do I change back to trusting what people say? How do I give each new person the benefit of the doubt instead of just waiting for them to screw it up with their actions?


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