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September 1, 2008

Need to get out dancing…

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Okay… so I have been neglectful of my dancing lately (like the most of the last 2 years). I want (scratch that I need) to get out and do more dancing. Only a few problems, 1. the spot needs to be close (damn gas costs) and 2. the spot needs to be free (saving money for the move) and 3. finding someone to go with me that will get out and dance too (I get shy by myself). Please let me know suggestions on places in or around the Renton area. If you would like to get out, let me know. I am even okay with some travel up some places if people are willing to in turn travel back down this way. I was thinking of most likely Saturday Nights (as that is when I am most likely to have the time.

Please let me know of places, or let me know if you are interested.


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