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December 26, 2007

12/26/07 Horoscope

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Gemini ~ Although you may appear to be taking care of your responsibilities today, you haven’t yet returned to the real world. Your fantasies can be misleading, for they are practical enough to be mistaken for a plan. Nevertheless, there is a huge difference now between your noble intentions and how you follow-through. Even if you fall short of your goal, reach beyond your current limitations.

 Taurus ~ The Moon in your 4th House of Home and Family makes it difficult for you to head out into the real world today. Even if you have big ideas about what to do, it may be challenging to turn your thoughts into an action plan. The over-expansive Jupiter-Mars opposition hasn’t finished messing with you yet, so conserve your energy. You will surely need it later.

 Weekly Love Horoscope: Mon, Dec 24 – Sun, Dec 30

G~Work around the house or dealing with family matters can complicate your social life on Friday and Saturday. The tune changes on Sunday, though, when the Moon enters your 5th house of romance. You should feel relaxed and better able to attract someone special with whom to share a lovely day.

T~Careful planning can pave the way to romance this weekend. It’s not simply a matter of being in the right place with the right person. If you organize your time, you can turn the most ordinary activity into a potential source of delight and make it the opening to a deeper, more heartfelt, connection.


Stress… lessens and rises continually

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So, where to start?? How about somewhere near the beginning… So my roommate is gone, as of 12/02/07. So I am technically back to paying all the rent myself and having my own apartment. I think that unless my significant other decised to move in, then Ginger and I will be happy as clams living together. We seem to do better with no roommate (does not include a S.O.) unless we really need that extra money. Which frankly I’d love to have.

Things with me and my beau are great. He doesn’t technically live with me (yet) but he hardly ever leaves. 🙂 We have been seeing each other for almost 5 months (Jan 8th is close to 5 months). I can’t believe that 1) I have been seeing someone for 5 monts and he just this last month met my bro and mom, 2) I have been seeing someone for 5 months and we have not had a single arguement, major disagreement, fight, etc. This is all new to me, but I am happy about the newness of it all.

I thought I had lowered my stress levels, so I needed to do something to bring them back up (J/K sorta) so I have begun the quitting smoking process. I am not smoking at work and when I do smoke I am down to 4-5 a day. I believe that in the new year I will quit all together. So… Look out and if I get to snippy or mean, just tell me. I may not even be aware that I am doing it. Well… wish me luck…

December 13, 2007

Seaside, OR Pics

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Seaside Sunset

Here are some pics from Seaside, OR over Turkey Day Weekend. Trying out the new camera. These are my favorites of the bunch. I got a new camera for graduation an Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi (an 10.1 MP Digital SLR).¤t=13f73e5c.pbw


December 11, 2007


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So it’s been busy for me lately. Work has been hectic, with my co-worker going out on maternity leave one week early. I Had double the work to do, and that is crappy. But at least I am kept busy I guess.

Now why is it that when things start to look up and take a turn for the better…that then something crappy has to happen?

Looks like one of my past debts that was supposed to have been taken care of hasn’t been. It’s still showing on my credit report and what is worse, it was only $100 and it’s showing as $747. I called the company to see if they could shed some light on it, and they have it in their system as $100 and can’t explain the difference either.

Now I can’t get employed by Concur until this is taken care of. It will take at least 5 days to get this cleared up. The Customer Service Rep, is gonna try and have them send me something that states that the amount is wrong while they are looking into just why it is still showing at all.

 So it could be worse, but still… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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