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September 22, 2011

New Life?? and updates

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So.. I have ended my relationship with Concur so that I could focus more on myself.  This includes having more time for myself and more time for schooling. I got fed up with hearing that I couldn’t take a job since I did not have a degree yet they were not willing to assist me in getting one.

My new job is working for the county and at first I wasn’t sure I would like it, but it was only 40 hours a week. The concept of my job is easy, but there are millions of little exceptions that I need to remember. I am not doing so well on that piece, but the job is still easy as pie.

School is becoming increasingly difficult but I think that is just due to beign burndt out on school all together. I used to love school before I went back to college. I doubt that I will continue school to get my master’s degree or CPA license as this has been way too stressful and cumbersome for my tastes.

Ginger is still sick from her March 2011 episode. I wish I could take it all away but no matter what I try it just keeps coming back. I am going to have to do some tests when I have some extra money and time. Or take a day when I can to take her in. Her 8th birthday is coming up on 10/4/11; but I will be at a soccer game so we are celebrating the weekend before. I am taking her camping with her dad. It should be very very fun.

So that is work, school and Ginger. What is left? Oh yeah my health and social life.

How am I doing? Ha! Well my endo pain has been horrible. Not only do I have no desire to have sex (still have a libido and think I want sex but I know better), It’s so painful that I cry a little inside when I think about it. My body has stopped responding to stimulus, so even if I wanted to it couldn’t happen. Oh and there is fun part of my insides being rubbed raw and bleeding. I have been bleeding for over 3 weeks straight now, what fun. All the doctor wants to do is give me meds or toxins to fix the problem, but it doesn’t. I just want to have another cleaning surgery and take out the bad cells, but obviously I don’t know my body at all.

Social life.. well I have been seeing more of my friends and family. That has been both good and bad. I have a great, no wonderful group of friends (for the most part) and a fabulous family unit (for the most part). I am getting tired of being REQUIRED to attend family events. Sorry folks, but I’d rather be greedy and spend my few vacation days doing things for myself than spending time with you. Get over it!!

I am still single as a $1 bill. It’s not that I don’t have options, I just don’t have time to devote to a relationship until school is completed. So I have decided that until I can devote the kind of energy that is needed and desired for a relationship I won’t have one. YAY, another 2 1/2 years of being single, the fun never ends over here.

Now I am still really close with Tyler, imagine that. I still tend to shell out money to see him when I can, but it has become more and more sparce as I have less money these days. Everyone seems to think that I am still in love with him, or not over him (which is the same thing to me). I still love him a lot and care about him a lot as I do most of my ex’s and friends. However, sadly at this point I just don’t think that he is capable of getting and holding down a job or obtaining a drivers license and being a productive member of society. I don’t see the initative or drive to go out and get it done. I see him continually living at home and being taken care of by the family. It breaks my heart to see things not change, and a little piece of me dies a little more every day.

I don’t think that real LOVE exists and I don’t think that there is a man/woman out there for me. I feel like in order to be married and have a family that I need to settle and that is very sad to me. I see everyone around me happilly in love, happily single, searching for a better life than what they have or the few that have finally decided to leave what they have and take a chance at being happy. I do envy them, even if it’s not a situation I want to be a part of.

All right, I think that is enough for today kids. Have a fabulous day. Eat your vegetable and fruit. Spay or nuture your pets. Smile and laugh daily to keep the doctor away.


November 20, 2007


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So I had my meeting with HR today and they offered me the job starting 12/31/2007 at more pay than I was expecting. Plus benefits go into effect immediately, 1/1/2008. I am soooo happy!!!!!

November 7, 2007


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So I have my interview with T-mobile on Friday 11/16 at 3pm. I called the temp agency to let them know and it seems negotiations for me to become perm with Concur have already started. Stephanie (at accountemps) is under the interpretation that they want me to go perm either the end of the year or the beginning of the new year. So everything is in motion, now we wait and see.

 Update – I have officially applied for a permanent position at Concur. I should hear shortly I hope on if I will become a permanent member of the Concur team or not.

November 3, 2007


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So I applied for a Cash Applications Specialist position at T-mobile. (I applied for the position because my old supervisor works in that department and told me if I applied that she would get me an interview, and she came through with her word) I got an e-mail today that they want me for an interview. So of course I am going to go, but I would prefer to stay at Concur. But I really need a full time permanent job so that I can get my teeth fixed and get a new car.

October 15, 2007

Woo Hoo… I got it…

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Okay.. So I got a call on my way home on Friday from the temp agency. Guess what?? Not only did I get the raise that I wanted but I got the full $2 raise. I will be making $18 an hour starting today!!! I am so excited… Woo hoo for me….

October 12, 2007


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So today started out strange yet good. I get in to work this morning and after about an hour, our controller saunters over to my desk. He shakes my hand and introduces himself (though I already knew who he was). He says that he has heard good things about me and thought it was time for a formal introduction.

So I am doing something right… 🙂

September 28, 2007

Extention Approved…

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So I got word today that my extention at work has been approved. I will be here at Concur Technology through March 15th. That is  an extra 5 months on top of the 11 weeks contract I am currently in. So that means I will have been with Concur Technology for a total of one week shy of 8 months.

 Update: Looks like an increase in pay comes with the extention. Now sure to what yet, but YAY!!!

Damn I am good…. 🙂

September 27, 2007


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So, today has been a strange day to start with. Things have been hectic with training of our team and whatnot. I have not had a meeting with my boss in about 2 weeks (regarding how things are going, etc.)

Today she asks me to come and sit with her. She asks how I like it here and thanks me for all my hard work. Then she says “would you like to stay past Oct. 19? With your permission I wanted to put in a request to extend you. You would be covering so-and-so’s job while they are on maturnity leave, learning reconcilliations of accounts and it would mean more overtime come month ends. I would like to ask for the extention to cover into March.”

Of course I said, “Yes, I would love to continue working with the team and as a part of Concur.” She says I will keep you updated, but I wanted you to be a par tof this decision. Once the approval comes through I will let you know

September 4, 2007

Work Update

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I am happy to tell ya’ll that I got the extension at my temp job. I have been extended until October 19th. YEAH… another 6 weeks at Concur Technology. This is good news, as I would love to get hired on permanently with them. Now the bonus to this is, that our year end is October (so I will be busy) and can really show what I can do. The bad news is that I will be busy, so I won’t have much free time and I cannot guarantee I won’t be working overtime including some weekends.

So I apologize now if I seem distance the next 6 weeks. Also this means that I will not be able to some of the things that I really wanted to do. Oh well, I guess that is what happens. I can’t take time off as I am a temp and I need to show what I can do which means not taking time off.

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