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July 30, 2013

Scooter and Motorcycle… oh my

So I purchased for myself an electric scooter. It gets up to 52 mph and will do about 55 miles per charge. It is my first new vehicle purchase. I am very excited to get my motorcycle endorsement and be able to ride it.


Then my boyfriend and I were talking about me eventually getting a real motorcycle. A ninja 250 seemed to be the best option. Well we found one that needs a little tranny work but was a fantastic price. So he put a downpayment on the motorcycle and we pick it up this weekend.

ninja 250


Once I pay him back I will be the proud owner of a car, a scooter and a motorcycle. I am a strange one I guess. Now I need to work on getting my motorcyle endorsement so that I can ride them.


July 25, 2013

SkyDiving Funness

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Skydiving from 13,000 ft.. 60 seconds of freefall goodness… 7/2013 (Age: 34, birthday present from my boyfriend Jax).


skydive 2

skydive 3

skydive 4

skydive 5

skydive 7

skydive 6

Lifelong Goals – Updated

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Here are my life goals:
1.Do a motorcycle ride-along
2.Go to all Disney Parks in the World at least once
3.Take a real cruise
4.Ride a Bull
5.Drive in a Demolition Derby
6.Learn how to drive a manual transmission
7.Learn how to ride a motorcycle
8.Visit Hawaii
9.Visit the Grand Canyon and walk the see-through bridge
10.Buy a house (on my own or with my love)
11.See Auschwitz
12.Own a Hearse
13.Find another Charlie Horse
14.Leave a meaningful mark on this world when I leave
15.Spend the rest of my days making the love of my life; feel happy, deserved and content
16.Make-out often
17.Learn to work on Motorcyles
18.Learn how to do more vehicle maintenance (routine stuff like suspension/struts, etc.)
19.Go to Northwest Trek
20.Go up the Space Needle
21.Go to the Kangaroo Farm
22.Travel More….
23.Get all my teeth fixed
24.Get more tattoos (full sleeves and back at least)
25.Take a ride in a hot air balloon
26.Pay off all of my school loan debt
27.See the Island of the Dolls in Mexico
28.Get a New Year’s Kiss
29.Visit Yellowstone
30.Visit Mt. Rushmore
31.Have more sex

* Get engaged to the love of my life (Remove… not sure I want to get engaged or married anymore)
* Have a Bachelorette Party (Remove… not sure I want to get engaged or married anymore)
* Get married to the love of my life (Remove… not sure I want to get engaged or married anymore)
* Have a Honeymoon (Remove… not sure I want to get engaged or married anymore)
* Skydive (Completed… went on my first skydice from 13,000 FT 07/2014)
* Get my B.S. in Accounting (Completed 6/2014)

July 6, 2013

Canadia.. Yeah, Right, Eh… and other stuff

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So we had a blast at the WC DUC event in Nelson BC. In fact so much fun that I now want to find a job in Canada and move there. I know that I would find problems anywhere that I live just based upon government and peoples. I just really enjoyed the time and did not want to come back to reality aka home.

Back I came and into a lot of crap at work 😦 Boo Hoo… I have a job and it pays but I get so tired of all the politics, back stabbing and all of the stupid shit… I had prearranged my Fourth of July week and well guess what? No surprise that my boss did not remember any of the dozen or so talks about this. So then of course I was the bad one once again 😦 This made her upset because she thought I had different days off. So what does she do??? She tells me that I can’t take my originally scheduled vacation time in August (even though flight and hotel were already arranged and paid for). Since I am not paying for this trip (my birthday present from my dad), I let my dad know about it all and he has to try to re-arrange the trip plans and flight. This of course costs extra money and I feel horrible about it. I know that it is not my fault at all, but I still feel horrible about it all.

I got my scooter, and went to get it registered and titled… only to find out that they did not complete the certificate of origin for the odometer reading. 😦 So now I have to continue to try to get a hold of them to get this all taken care of. Waste of everyone’s time because they did not fill it out correctly and I was too stupid to notice that it wasn’t done (or just to elated to have my scooter on Jax’s hot little trailer… pick one). On the bright side….. I was able to start acquiring motorcycle gear for when I can ride it. Jax was so kind as to purchase for me (I will pay him back of course) a helmet and after a beautiful long drive today we also have purchased a used textile jacket. I now need pants, boots and gloves of my own. Bonus if I can also find a jacket/pant set that zip up together too. On my way to being able to actually ride my scooter and maybe even get a motorcycle like a little Ninja 250 that I would be able to ride at the track or Duc rallies with Jax.

I am very excited about my scooter. This is my first ever NEW vehicle. It has 4 miles on it and is very very pretty. I have my first new vehicle not just new to me vehicle and yet I can’t even ride it yet 😦 I go in for my endorsement class on July 20-21. That is sooooooooooooooo far away… yet it is soooooooooooo close that I can taste it. I sure hope that I pass the first time. I will feel like an idiot if I don’t pass the first time.

School… well I have 4 more classes left.. yes you heard me.. I will be done with my degree in less than a year!!!!!! My graduation trip looks like it will be to the WC DUC rally in Nelson BC, followed by a trip to visit friends in Calgary, Alberta for the Calgary Stampede. This way I can have Jax with me and not have to go on a trip by myself. I was dreading having to take a trip alone because no one wanted to or could afford to go with me. I was planning on going to DisneyWorld or on a Travelzoo trip somewhere alone just so that I could get away by myself and feel somewhat safe.

Why am I not attractive…

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Am I attractive to you? I just don’t feel like it. You don’t touch me in a sexual way. You don’t kiss me in a sexual way. I feel so unattractive and ugly to you. What has changed? Why am I not attractive to you anymore? I have no idea what to do.

Did I change or did you?

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