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October 31, 2007

10/31/07 Horoscope (Halloween)

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Gemini ~

 You may go through a minor identity crisis today as you think about what’s missing from your life. It’s a trap, however, to judge yourself based on what you have or how much you make. Instead, focus on what you can bring to any situation: a positive attitude. Your self-esteem will improve, as your ideas have more impact in the days ahead.

Taurus ~

Too much activity can get on your nerves today and you might seek ways to protect yourself from excessive noise. Although you might be unable to retreat completely by taking the day off, you can make yourself less available by being low-key even in the face of high-intensity interactions. Anyway, everyone’s current sense of urgency won’t likely make anything happen any faster.


October 30, 2007

10/30/07 Horoscope

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Gemini ~

Money issues can become problematic due to unclear communication. Don’t assume that you are understood until you receive confirmation. If the matter is serious, then make sure you carefully read the agreement or contract. Even talking with an attorney could be appropriate. Be cautious now if you have any doubts about an important decision.

Taurus ~

You should go out of your way to enjoy sweet and cozy conversations with your friends today. Or maybe a long overdue phone call to your brother or sister is in order. If you do have a revealing discussion, though, make sure that whatever you learn is kept in strict confidence. It would be difficult to rebuild lost trust at this time.

October 29, 2007

10/29/07 Horoscope

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Gemini ~

If you are plagued by too many lovely distractions, put on your thinking cap and figure out how to stop wasting your time and energy. Unfortunately, this may be easier said than done, for you aren’t likely to say “no” today. Moderation may be your key to happiness, even if it’s an elusive goal for now.

Taurus ~

Your earthy sensibilities are bringing you practical data, but you may not be able to concentrate enough to take it all in. If you don’t listen, though, you could easily step over the edge of reason. You may enjoy yourself, only to later realize that it wasn’t worth it. Even if you’re eager to have a bit more fun, be aware of when it’s time to get back to work.

Weekly Love Horoscope ~

You’re ready to come out of the communication desert this week as Mercury, your ruling planet, finally turns direct. Connections you haven’t been able to make may finally happen and get your social life on track. Reach out and talk to people because you’re back on your game now, Gemmie.

It’s definitely worthwhile to make social plans in advance for this weekend. The Moon enters your 5th house of romance on Saturday and a little preparation can go a long way toward taking advantage of this opportunity for love. Know what you’re doing and you’ll get what you want.

October 26, 2007

My photo used for Schmaps

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Check this out…

My picture of the Fremont Bridge from the 2007 Portland Bridgepedal Stride has been choosen to be used in Schmaps 4th edition Portland, OR online map. 🙂 I am soo excited…

You can add it as a widget here:

Love Poem

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This was written for me back on April 16, 1999 by a friend online. I have saved it and treasured it since then. It really is sweet… but let me know what you think…


When I think of you
I long
To hold you gently in my arms
To feel your embrace wrap around me
Together we could hold each other up

The world may slip and fall
Lost under a tumble of ugly debris
But you and I, when we’re together
It doesn’t matter
We have each other

If you would only look at me
Your eyes filled with love
Your hand tenderly holding mine
And say you felt the same
That you cared as much

If you would but give me your heart
I would softly caress it
Store it beside my soul
Treasure it for the rest of my life
Hold it tenderly within

But there is another
Whom you would live for
Another whose eyes you gaze into
Another who owns your heart
Another you care for

What is there for me to do?
I cannot tell you
I cannot destroy what friendship we have
I WILL not come between you
And the one you long for

As you speak of your love
I just listen to your voice
And can do nothing but be there
As a friend, to help you
And that will never end, I assure you

Yet still I long
To hold you gently in my arms
To feel your embrace wrap around me
To treasure your heart
To love you for the rest of your days

First Frost

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Today as I got out to the car to start it up to head in to work, I noticed that we had out first frost last night! You know what that means… snow, ice, bad drivers, getting up early to scrap off the car, and wearing more clothing. 😦 Some people like winter.. I hate it!!!

 I prefer to wear the least amount that I can, and with winter that isn’t possible. This means a heavy winter coat, a scarf, warm gloves, a hat, boots and at least 2 layers underneath. Phoooey.. give me warm weather, hot sun, even rain and stormy before I want winter coldness.

Now there are a few good things about the winter coldness that I enjoy. I enjoy the nights spent curled up in front of the fire either reading a good book or doing some crafty thing. I enjoy watching all the stupid drivers try to drive up the hill outside my apartment. I enjoy taking Ginger out and watching her prance and pounce her way around the snow. So I guess it’s not all bad.

10/26/07 Horoscope

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Gemini ~

 Today’s Full Moon in your 12th House of Secrets reminds you how your fantasies impact your daily life. Luckily, you won’t have to suppress your dreams once you understand the difference between illusion and reality. No matter how conceptual you try to be, remember to use your common sense and stick to the basics.

Taurus ~

Today’s Full Moon in your sign might bring you dissatisfaction, even if you feel good about the overall direction of your life. Nevertheless, it’s healthy to ask difficult questions as you search for the meaning beneath the obvious appearance of things. This is a critical point, so you must apply what you learn over the weeks ahead.

October 25, 2007

10/25/07 Horoscope

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Gemini ~

 The lightning of emotional attraction strikes and you may feel changed by your new outlook. You thought you knew what you wanted, but suddenly everything seems new and different. You are ready to pursue the object of your love or lust, yet an inner voice cautions you against moving too fast. Even if you feel like you’ve been set free, don’t do anything you’ll need to apologize for later.

Taurus ~

Your mind is dwelling on the possibilities of sweet pleasure, but you may not be able to take go after your heart’s desire. You can veer off course if you follow your intuition. This may be fun for a while, but it could be difficult to get back on track after your sensual exploration. Don’t hurry; impulsive actions won’t bring you long-term happiness.

October 24, 2007

10/24/07 Horoscope

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Gemini ~

 It’s a high frequency day, as your key planet Mercury tenses up with loving Venus. Your friends may be upbeat and they surely want you to play, but prior obligations can hold you back from fully joining in the fun. You’ve been responsible enough; now it’s time for you to simply enjoy the good times as they come.

Taurus ~

Your key planet Venus is a major player today as she receives a flood of words from Mercury the Communicator. But there is something between you and your friends now that prevents you from getting across to them. You can ask for what you need but you might not have the same appeal as you do at other times. Don’t push too hard; even though the Moon is in impatient Aries, your unrestrained actions might upset someone and lessen your chance for success.

Sick Time??

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So I am fairly upset right now. I am not feeling well at all, but I can’t afford to miss any days from work as with the temp agency I get no sick time. None what-so-ever. What is that?? I get penalized for being sick, like I can help it.

I was out sick yesterday with the flu. I still feel crappy but yet here I am at work again due to I need the money. Also I am in Oracle training, so that is important. But come on.. no sick days at all? That seems barbaric to me.

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